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Large scale green hydrogen production

Halcyon is developing a large-scale “Green” hydrogen production facility at a site selected for the purpose in Honduras, applying inhouse proprietary technology that instead of using electricity captures the energy directly from the sun.

Halcyon Energy is a Clean Energy Company, devoted to the production of low cost hydrogen to the world’s markets.

With an abundance of solar radiance in the Sula Valley of Honduras,  coupled with the availability of freshwater feedstock from the Ulua River, Halcyon plans to construct multiple towers producing volumes of hydrogen that can be transported by pipeline through Guatemala and Mexico into the United States.

Why Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is fast becoming the fuel of choice to meet the goals of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreements to limit global warming to +1.5°C by 2050.

Hydrogen fuels are proposed to power automobiles, trucks, trains, heavy industrial equipment and even planes.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) recently held in Scotland has served to gain commitments from countries to enhance their activities to mitigate Climate Change.

Since Hydrogen is one of two elements that comprise water (Oxygen being the other) it is an abundant, almost no cost feedstock for Halcyon’s water-splitting process.

The United States has signed on to this commitment & is already proposing legislation and funding clean energy activities.

Halcyon believes that Hydrogen will play a significant role in the world’s goal of becoming “net zero” in terms of future emissions by 2050.

Halcyon will construct the hydrogen production at La Barca, in the Sula Valley, Honduras

Our Location

The Sula Valley lies in the northwest of Honduras & includes several of the country’s largest cities, San Pedro Sula, Puerto Cortes & Choloma.

Being close to the equator & known for its hot sunny days, the location is ideal for CSP hydrogen production.

The location is equidistant from the two deepwater ports of Honduras, Puerto Castillo on the Atlantic Coast & San Lorenzo on the Pacific Coast providing access to east & west global markets.

Ample fresh water for the project will be supplied from the Ulua River that runs through the valley.

Ample fresh water for the project will be supplied from the Ulua River that runs through the valley

Project cost for the Phase 1 scope is $3.6 billion with capability to produce large quantities at a cost significantly lower than published Green Hydrogen pricing.

The halcyon team

Monte Burton

Is a successful senior executive with substantial experience in business development, financing and the Energy industry.

David B. Waller

Chief Operations Officer
One of the founders of Halcyon Energy, has spent his entire career in the marine engineering, architectural and consulting industry.

Keith Gardner

Chief Financial Officer
A seasoned financial and tax executive with many years as a senior executive with the IRS.

David Harris

Chief Investment Officer
Has vast experience in over 45 years in the financial services industry, including founding and building out an investment banking boutique.

Robert W. Strozier

General and IP Counsel
A Patent Attorney with 35 years in representing clients in all aspects of Domestic and Foreign Patents, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, and Copyrights Protection, and IP Licensing, and IP Litigation.

Merle Yoder

Chief Strategy Officer
Senior executive with 30+ years domestic and international experience in engineering, product management, business development and senior management roles in a variety of industries.

Mauricio Kattan

President of Halcyon Americas
A successful senior executive with 35 years of experience in Real Estate development, renewable energy generation, metal mechanical transformation, and Apparel Manufacturing in Central America.

Karl Butler

Executive Vice President of Product Distribution, Trading, and Marketing
A successful entrepreneur, with extensive global associations and founder of the largest minority owned energy marketing companies in the United States.

Lance Goodwin

Board Member
A proven energy executive with development and operation of major capital projects and business development.
Project timeline to production is 36 to 42 months